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The availability of a vast multitude of channels, technology platforms, and partnerships to choose from media planning and management can sometimes become a complicated task. Today's media planning and management require an intelligent and informed approach. The goal of media planning is to deliver the right message at the right time using the right media channels to influence your target audience to act. It is a process of strategically choosing the right media platforms to place ads over a period to achieve an advertiser’s campaign goals. Media planning and management is not just a concept; it is a creative enterprise that can drive campaign ideas as well as identify new media platforms where ideas can thrive.

Media Planning & Management Services

What is Media Planning?

Media planning and management require finding the most appropriate media platforms to advertise the company’s products and services. Media planning and strategy can be a challenging role, involving multiple areas of expertise. While planning a media strategy, it is essential to understand the strengths and role of each format, how your target audiences respond to them. Goals, audience, reach, frequency, and budget are some of the few factors you must consider in media planning.

You must consider the needs of the target audience as well as the goals of the business while creating a media plan. Media planners must work with media buyers and the client to develop a strategy to maximize ROI.

At BrandSattva digital marketing, we manage media planning and management to get our clients the best ad spaces at the best rates. We develop integrated, cross channel media campaigns, and also make recommendations that help you get better ROI.

Essential Steps of Digital Media Planning

Set your Campaign Goals
What are your goals? Is it brand awareness? To announce a new launch or sales? It is essential to set the right campaigns goals. Without setting your campaign goals, you may end up wasting a lot of your campaign budget.
Know your target Audiences
Having a clear picture of your target groups and their needs will help you to better plan and manage your media strategy. It will not only help you in planning but also the type of campaign creatives you must design.
Research and Planning
Now when you know your target audience, you will need to research to determine the right advertising channels. With finding new channels, you must also review them to make sure you are investing in the right ones.
Campaign Creation
When you have the required data and research, it’s time to set your campaign. The most important part of campaign creation is campaign structure. Campaign structure should be in a way that you can cover your target audience.
Campaign Optimization
To boost performance, you must optimize the campaign. Knowing what elements are vital, you can optimize & create niche campaigns. Bidding, audience targeting, platforms, and channels are crucial elements while optimizing.
To reconnect with your audience the best strategy is re-targeting. It is almost always the case that a user will buy your product or service for the first time, but with re-marketing, you can catch-up with all your target audiences.

Why Choose Brand Sattva?

At BrandSattva, our expert media team uses a combination of world-class research techniques and experience to suggest more viable placement strategies and content that appeal and resonates with your target market. We negotiate the best possible prices with media owners. We can help you understand your audience and help you to develop, execute, and manage a media plan that will elevate your brand and drive more revenue for your company.We manage everything, from the strategy to the planning to the execution to the reporting, to help clients succeed in their media buying goals.

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